P.A. BOOTCAMP and Production Office Workshop offer a special combined set and office P.A. training program in ATLANTA June 13/14. CLICK HERE
Our email pabootcamp@yahoo.com Our number (818) 386-1228.
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“P.A. BOOTCAMP” is NOT just the name of our program, it is a DESCRIPTION.  It is the kind of TRAINING YOU ARE ABOUT TO EMBARK ON.

DEFINING: “boot camp”: a short but very difficult training program : a program or situation that helps people become much better at doing something in a short period of time.
Quixote P.A. Bootcamp IS a short, intensive, and rigorous course of training, with strict discipline. Our goal is to mold you into the kind of Set P.A. and/or Office P.A. that shows want to hire.



A partial list of what is included in our 2 day intensive program Sat/Sun 9a-5p:

Making the film, from prep to post
– All production paperwork
– Production terminology
– Hands on radio training
– Set protocol, i.e. “do’s and don’ts”
– How the A.D. team functions
– Other crew departments function and interaction
– Gear and supplies
– The Office P.A.
– Preparing your resume
– Where to find a job
– How to be a highly effective Set and Office Production Assistant
– How to anticipate the needs of your production
– Hands on training with radios (walkie talkies) & Surv. Mics
– Hands on training with equipment: building a catering/holding area
– Where to find production jobs and understanding the industry career path
– How to read & understand production paperwork
– Lock-Ups, Call Outs, Daily & Nightly duties
– How to communicate in production language
– Set and Office Etiquette
– Office P.A. responsibilities- Distribution, Sides, Script Revisions
– Various production protocol
– Film and TV versus commercials/videos/low budget P.A.
– Gear and supplies necessary for the job

Quixote’s P.A. Bootcamp is designed as a real-world, practical job training program. If you are going to your first day of work as a P.A wouldn’t it be better to know what is going on all around you?  Our goal is to prepare you thoroughly and completely for the job of Production Assistant, which is your first step into the entertainment business as it has been for many highly successful producers, executives, directors and others currently working in the industry.

Working as a P.A. on a feature film is different from working on a commercial or music video. Quixote’s P.A. Bootcamp trains for ALL types of production

  • Features–high and low budget
  • Episodic TV
  • Reality shows
  • Commercials
  • Music videos


TWO-DAY WEEKEND SESSION: this program/training is open to the public.
Anyone can register for this boot camp.
HOURS: Saturday: 9a – 5p Sunday: 9a – 5p
COST: $250.00
DEPOSIT: $50.00 (required)
Los Angeles Camps ONLY: We offer CURRENTLY ENROLLED STUDENTS $175.00 price.
Deposit is deducted from the cost of camp (see our Cancellation Policy below for further details). Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to apply.


Final payments are due in full no later than the morning of the first day of camp.
Advance payments are encouraged.
For Deposits: We accept Paypal, Cash, Check,
Cashier’s Check, Money Order made payable to “PA Bootcamp.”
For final balance due at the camp location, we accept credit cards, check, cash or money order. Make checks payable to “P.A. Bootcamp”.
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The $50 deposit is not refundable, and applies ONLY to the weekend you’ve signed up for. If you need to reschedule your session, you may do so 72 hours or more in advance.
We reserve the right to a ONE-TIME courtesy transfer if you wish to reschedule & recycle your deposit. After that, a new deposit will be required.
If you need to cancel your reservation and would like a refund of payments (with the exception of the $50 deposit), you must cancel more than 72 hours prior to the session. There are no refunds for cancellations within 72 hours of the bootcamp.