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Feedback From Our Camper Grads


PA Bootcamp is the perfect choice...
I moved across the country to start my career and as soon as I had their knowledge and guidance I had no problems getting work. After two jobs, my phone is constantly buzzing with email notifications from different departments of production asking me to work. My superiors were impressed with my radio etiquette, lockups, and understanding of paperwork, along with my enthusiasm and willingness to learn any part of my job (and other jobs).

I strongly encourage any Bootcamp graduate to seize the opportunity of the mentorship program for any area they are looking to specialize in. After graduating Bootcamp I met with a Makeup Artist Mentor who gave me phenomenal advice, answered all of my questions and led to many tips and techniques improving my craft.

I initially wanted to become a production assistant to see the flow of set life and learn from the hair and makeup artists. I currently have hair and makeup jobs booked for the future from my PA work. Now hair and makeup artists call me when they want help. Without PA Bootcamp, I would not have had the first idea as to how to navigate my career. My recent success is definitely owed to them, and I would recommend them in highest regard anyone interested in getting into the film/tv industry.
- Dani L.
Feb. 2018

After bootcamp, I started working on Season 2 of an HBO series and ended up being a regular, finishing the season through wrap. My supervisor loved me so much that she kept finding room in her budget to bring me back, since I was technically still temporary. She ended up keeping me the entire season and had me work through wrap. I even got another job out of that show. Our Costumer said to me "this is what happens when you're good. People will hire you and put you into contact with other people."

How awesome it is to know production terminology, paperwork, walkers, etc. Call sheets! Omg! Knowing how to read a call sheet is so so important! When I saw it, I knew it and I knew how to read it and the other PAs didn't. And people really expect you to know how to handle and read all of these documents. I really don't know how people who don't have the Bootcamp training know what to do. You look much less green, people will treat you with more respect. If they don't have to stop and teach you every 5 minutes and you can just do what they ask, it helps a lot. If you give people what they need, or even like we learned how to anticipate someone's needs, people respond positively and will always want to work with you.

I just wanted to say thank you again for the training. Being in costumes and understanding production terminology, walkie etiquette, production paperwork, knowing what the honeywagon is, what sides are, and how to read call sheets, literally is the best thing ever. No one is going to teach you these things, and being a camper really helps you look confident and experienced.
- Naikea Cheri Ward

I went into PA Bootcamp with 6+ years of entertainment industry experience, and was mostly hoping to polish my skills on set and meet some fellow production folks in Los Angeles. What I got was so much more.Being on a big budget film set can be incredibly overwhelming, especially as a PA, without the right preparation. PA Bootcamp helped me learn all the basics before I jumped on my first feature film, and was an invaluable resource throughout the entire process.

There are many new things that come up on a big production (things that you aren't exposed to on commercials, music videos, or anything I had previously produced) that no one has time to teach you once you're hired. Laying the foundation and being exposed to the lingo, paperwork, etiquette, equipment, and being able to ask these questions before I started working by attending a weekend session helped me be as informed, valuable to the crew, and efficient on set as possible.

I could not be more glad I signed up for this training, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get into film and tv production.
- Caitlyn Durkin

I just wanted to say thank you for running such a great course. The training for me was invaluable and I feel much more confident about what my role entails now. You answered every question I may have had without my even having to ask and I really appreciate that. Kind regards,
- Isabelle Blanche
Limerick, Ireland
Dec. 2017

I've been busy, thanks to you guys!
A week after the camp, I received my first job offer. A week after that, I signed on to work for a three week production, paying $125/day. I showed up to set, armed with the knowledge I needed to succeed at the job. It gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of friends and network with several connections. Looking back at it, PA bootcamp has since paid for itself several times over. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wishes to break into the film industry.
- Mitchell Sulkess

I signed up on a whim, and it's the best decision I've made since moving to LA last month.
I wish my four years at Brown had prepped me even half as well for the job world as 16 hours with your team did. I will definitely be recommending PA Bootcamp to my fellow film friends it IS worth their time and money. -MikeThis past weekend I attended a crash course in being a production assistant at P.A. Bootcamp. Not only did I learn everything I needed to know about how to be a successful P.A. before day one, I gained confidence in myself to step into a job I'd never done and not stick out like a sore thumb. My time and money were well spent. Sometimes you just have to ignore what other people say and experience something first hand to understand it. I've retrofitted my resume and my attitude.
- Benjamin Puleo

I can't say enough about PA Bootcamp!
I learned so much USEFUL information and APPLICABLE skills that are critical to being successful on set. I feel much more capable and confident in my ability to contribute to production. Also, within one week of completing the program, PA Bootcamp referred me to an APOC who hired me to work on a new reality show. The APOC asked me back again for more work and I have made several excellent industry connections. Thank you, PA Bootcamp!
- A Casey

My 4 year degree is in film.
I've made shorts that were festival accepted. I've been on some pretty large commercial shoots. And, yet, I don't feel like anything prepared me for the world of feature films as much as PA Bootcamp has. This 2 day course taught me things that you would never learn except on set when you're making the mistake that will get you fired. I can now be confident during production, knowing my role and being able to pitch in and help when needed. My favorite part of the camp setup? The instructors. They are thorough, knowledgeable and most of all, qualified, to do this type of teaching. Why? Because they've been there. They have lived it. They're still living it, and they know what it takes. I highly recommend PA Bootcamp, not only for beginners and those with a slight interest, but also professional and seasoned amateurs like myself.
- Brandon D. Hyde

P.A. Bootcamp is really truly the best place to go for getting started in this industry.
The competition is so fierce but amazingly gets cut in half for those p.a.'s out there that take the time and spend the money to complete this program. Its surprising to me that this isn't required for every set and office p.a. cause it should be, and I proudly support this training and the production assistants that go through it. Congrats.
- Mike Kasem

WOW! Thanx!
I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for the fantastic, rejuvenating weekend. I know rejuvenating is kind of a cheesy word, but I have faced so many obstacles breaking into the industry even with great contacts and work experience, and PA Bootcamp completely changed my approach and attitude to finding employment here in Los Angeles. The workshop changed my whole outlook. Finding employment as a career-minded PA feels achievable now. I appreciate your realistic and precise approach to educating your students about the technical requirements and (critical) social expectations of production assistant work. I learned so many things about PA work that I wouldn't have even known to ask about. (And I've worked as a low-budget PA before!) The strict do's and don'ts I know are invaluable in such a fickle and demanding industry. I feel prepared, skilled and confident after only two days with you. Thank you for so generously sharing your knowledge and experience, and even taking it a step further by creating an exciting learning environment for your students. Thank you very much again for your time, and the invaluable two days spent learning the (real, relevant) ropes. I'm very grateful I had the opportunity to attend PA Bootcamp this year. I hope to see you all again some day!
- Alexandra S.

Hello Readers. IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!
Within a few weeks of finishing PA bootcamp I was already receiving emails and calls for jobs! On my first job I felt completely prepared and many people we're impressed it was my first time on the job. They kept asking, "If this is your first time, how do you already know everything?!" PA bootcamp was amazing and completely worth the money (which can be made back in your first two days of work!). Their expertise left me confident and it is clear they are trusted by AD's throughout the industry. The networking and connections make it incredibly easy to jump start your career! I am so happy I did PA bootcamp!
- Emma Taylor

I fully support P.A. Bootcamp's program and the staff involved.
The job of P.A. is not an entry level job in the Movie/TV/Commercial production business.
When we hire P.A's with no experience we usually have to hire additional experienced P.A's to cover them. I applaud P.A. Boot Camp for developing a program that works. In one weekend this program actually makes first time P.A.'s useful, gives them the knowledge and tools to be able to do the job from the first day on set; from usage and etiquette of walkies to the production paperwork to the rhythms of the production day and everything in between. Keep up the good work!
- Guy Riedel Exec. Producer

Thank you so much for your incredible instruction this weekend.
Alec shared with me the materials that he received in class. Your paperwork rocked, and he learned tons about procedure, etiquette, nomenclature and job descriptions. I quizzed him extensively, and you all sure did your job. Leigh- I can't thank you enough Alec said you worked with him, so I was especially happy with that since we go back a long way. Thanks again everybody. I only wish they had a program like this for the camera department! All the best...
- Alan Caso (D.P.)

I recently used two P.A. Bootcamp "grads" on a indie feature I directed.
We threw a lot of tasks at them much more, in fact, than they would be doing on a studio project, from helping to rig lighting to filling in for an absent script supervisor. The "bootcampers" handled the challenges with ease and wound up being an invaluable asset to our tiny crew.
- Michael Judd (1st AD: Young Sheldon, New Girl & Producer/Director: Own Worst Enemy)

We fully endorse PA Bootcamp, their program, and their staff.
Their response to recent blog posts are absolutely correct. The Bootcamp, like our program, address's duties, protocol, etiquette, and much more that ISN'T apparent within your first day(s) on a film set as a PA. Both companies have a purpose of to ensure an individual has the skills and knowledge to GET HIRED BACK. To be UNFORGETTABLE. As we all know, there are 100's of people wishing to get into the industry. Your chance shouldn't be risked. The cost for either program is nominal compared to the value you'll bring to a show and a potential career in the business.
- P.A.T.S. Staff | Ken Chaplin: Founder of Production Assistant Training Seminar

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